Roll call

Hi all : )

– i am Alice -37 yo Mom of 4 soon to be 5 ( in February ) i have been a pretty good bargain hunter etc most of my life but have really been more frugal last 2-3 years- being frugal # 1 so i can be home with my kids as much as possible – basically in the last 2-3 years i stopped looking for new and improved frugal books that might have the “magic answer” in them and began implementing more of the things I learned from tightwad gazette and my own ideas- I am great at coming up with ideas but have just started really implementing them !! It really pays off too !!

we still have some debt but at least both cars are paid off thanks to DH’s bonus earlier this month that let me pay of the minivan!!

our debt is not so much CC’s as 2 credit line’s- that we used when we had to fix up the house (it was real fixer upper we did a lot ourselves as cheaply as possible but it still cost $$ ) and to cover bills etc when i was out of work on disability with the first three pregnancies – but we have not use them at all in three years and are paying them off slowly but surely!!

As previous posts may have shown i am in a quandary as to whether to not go back to work at all (i am a RN and work ~ 1 x a week right now ) after the baby is 6 months to a year or to go back maybe 2 x a month – to help get the debt paid off faster )

My kids attend a catholic school which the tuition runs about $350 a month for the ten months a year for the 3 kids in school – DS 12 will be in high-school in 2 years and the cost of high school also makes me very nervous- but we have not fully decided on that anyway – anyhow that is all about me in the shortened version LOL!!