I’m very tired

As for being frugal I try to shop for deals at the local health food stores and one other store for food items I can eat. I have 4 different list of prices, but they seem to change weekly and it’s hard to actually keep up. I stopped using my car, I’m trying to walk to more places for exercise reasons (also my car is not working to well)

Umm, not much else I have to say right now, I’m very tired and I just shortened my Egroups lists the other day. I’m still getting over 300 emails a day.

I also watch 3 little munchkins 4-6 days a week. So if anyone has any recipes I can use to feed them more healthy food. I’d greatly appreciate it. I cannot cook chicken, rice due to allergies.

I also use cloth napkins and rags and rarely use paper towels. We use cloth handkerchiefs with the name of the owner embroidered on them, cloth sanitary pads, re-usable food containers, I do Once in a while cooking (freezer meals), cook from scratch whenever possible, practice the pantry principle, “use it up, wear it out,make do, or do without”. We wear our clothing until it either doesn’t fit or is falling apart, same with shoes, etc.

I shop thrift stores (rarely garage sales since they don’t give much for my time), sales, make my own clothing,make most of our gifts. We also eat frugal meals most of the time and occassionally have a feast. The meals we make are ones the family likes- I won’t cook something that they don’t like.

I also buy from outlets , give things to others who also give things to me- nothing formal or expected just a nice way of helping eachother out.

I find that it is the little things that keep me motivated. Plus the little savings here and there can really add up over the long run. I bought a package of washclothes for 2.00, I think there were 20 in the package. I use them to clean the counters, pick up spills etc. Now I don’t have to buy paper towels anymore, saving about 3 to 5 dollars a week and I just throw them in the washer and they are good to go again.