I’m Judy from NC

I am fortunate enough to stay at home and have found that since I do, it doesn’t affect our money. I do not have car expenses, faster food quick pickup, clothes for work, etc. plus all the gift giving that goes on in a work place. I worked in an after school day care before staying home.

We hope for my husband to be able to retire next year at 62. We enjoy camping. We have 2 sons, dil’s, 3 grandchildren and 2 Chinese pugs. (I could use some health insurance on those pugs!! especially after their once a year shots at the vet this a.m.) Also wonder if any of you have good ideas for health insurance for humans..We will be without any next year after dh retires.

For several months, we have listed all expenditures to get an idea of what we will be able to live on once he is retired. This helps to see where money goes. At present, I am trying to simplify, selling at consignment, selling books on Internet, shopping for groceries at Aldi’s ..Have cut our eating out drastically. I delight in having low cost meals that are nutritious and tasty..(Haven’t always done this)

Eat beans,slaw, and cornbread at least once a week. Have done some freezer cooking but now am leaning toward vegetarian eating so the freezer OAMC is not as helpful in that regard.

Am certainly enjoying reading the helps you have shared..Really liked the idea of the package of washclothes and saving the paper towels..These are the kinds of things that are needed..