Five Frugal Tips to Save Your Family Money on Groceries

Groceries are starting to get very expensive with the changes in the economy.

People need to find a way to save money and to be frugal with their choices.

Use these 5 tips to help your family save money on groceries.

1. Give up meat at least once a week. Have a vegetarian night at your house. You can cook with beans, pasta, or make salads. Meat is one of the most expensive parts of the meal. Plan to have Meatless Mondays or just any night of the week that you eat without meat. Meat is good for you, but it is also very healthy to eat vegetables and try new things.

2. Don’t be afraid of coupons. Using coupons is simple. Remember to make sure that you are doing it right. Only use coupons on items you would buy anyway or that are free after coupon. Just because you save 10 cents on a box of cookies that does not always mean it is the best deal. Figure out which one is the best price and purchase the one that will save you the most money.

3. Make a menu ahead of time. If you go to the store with your menu and shopping list in mind, then you will save a lot of money. This will keep you from buying things that you don’t need and will also help you to not eat out. If you have a menu made up, you will know what you are making every night and make sure you have all the items on hand.

4. Look at the end caps, high, and low in the grocery store. This is where you will find the best deals. End caps have great sale items on them. They put a lot of generic items high or low on the shelf. The items they want to sell you are right in front of your face so that you will notice them.

5. Shop at more than one store. Check the sale ads and go to more than one store to do your shopping. If it is really far away, don’t spend the gas money to drive across town for one item.

If you can go to several stores in the same area, make lists and pick up the items that are on sale at each store. This can save you a lot of money.

Do not buy toiletries or paper products at the grocery store unless they are on sale.

Go to a store such as Wal-Mart or Target or a drug store for these items. You will find better prices at these places.