I’m Shayli – a sahm

Married to Keith who is in Mortgage Banking.. He has the fun job of setting Mortgage Rates for a 5 state area ..*grin* Makes him a very popular man. We have 2 girls..Trisha who is 8 almost 9 and Keely who just turned 2. We are expecting again in early Feb. We have the best of all worlds 🙂 Trisha came into my life before I married Keith, she has a seizure disorder and is Autistic. We adopted her together. After taking…..oh….6 or so years to get our lives settled we started on adding to our family. Keely was born..and it’s been a rollercoaster ride ever since 🙂 I am an RN, who gave up full time work to raise our children. I miss the work, but do some consulting at times. I wouldn’t trade my being home with the kiddlets for the world.

We live in Maine. I was on the other CB list but basically just gathered more ideas, suggestions and laughs that are wonderful! Maine is not the best place to have …choices of where to buy groceries. There are 2 chains around here. So….that is an area we really struggle at. But….

I have the wonderful luxury of living in a very laid back place. We leave the keys in our cars, and door unlocked for the most part 🙂 There are still places in this country you can still do that. 🙂

Thanks everyone for all the wonderful tips and ideas!!