Kids Working…..?

I’m VERRRY interested in opinions on this subject.

I have an almost 13 yo & almost 12 yo. We live in a community with LOTS of agriculture around, and next summer, both of our kids will have opportunities for summer jobs. Additionally, fast food restaurants around here (probably everywhere) hire kids starting at 14.

DH & I are on the same page right now, that we don’t want the kids to work, but the kiddos already think differently. DS thinks he can get a cake job tossing watermelons next summer. All he can think of is the $$$$$ (2nd oldest, and my most materialistic child). There’s a boy on his football team this year who is doing this, and he is wiped out by the time he gets to practice. Kids need an opportunity to be kids. They grow up fast enough.

PLEASE, don’t get me wrong. I don’t want my kids to start working anytime soon. I’d just as soon see them only working summers once they hit maybe their last year of high school. All of the kids are involved in sports, and other activities which suck up alot of our time…..

Anyway, since the subject came up, I’m curious to know how kids working impacts other areas of their lives. We haven’t been very good about teaching them about $ to date- they get it, they spend it. We’re working on this.

SO, I have many many issues surrounding kids and money ~ dh & I are just now learning many lessons ourselves.

Input, please…..